June 20 ~ Daily Listening Assignment


Today’s piece is one of those that piano students often try to learn on their own – or a friend will teach them the first 9 notes.  It’s usually played too fast and, often in the wrong octave, or the first couple notes are repeated too many times.

This is one of two pieces that are so often played incorrectly that they have the distinction of being banned from competition in Northern Virginia Piano Teacher competitions.

Stay tuned for the other one!

Fur Elise was not published during Beethoven’s lifetime, having been discovered by Ludwig Nohl 40 years after the composer’s death. The identity of “Elise” is unknown.

The very basic melody:



The actual beginning is a little more involved.


And, there’s more!


If you’d like to learn to play this piece correctly, find the sheet music at IMSLP, Beethoven: Exploring His Life and Music, and countless compilations of classical music available at the O’Connor Music Studio.

Follow along:

By Valentina Lisitsa:




A variety of instruments (Piano, Guitar, Cat Piano, Cello, Launchpad, Ukulele)


The Big Piano at FAO Schwartz in NYC:


Glass harp:


Youtube has many, many more versions.  Beethoven would probably go nuts!

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