Piano Explorer ~ October 2015



Each month, young students will receive a copy of Piano Explorer magazine.  It is available to adults, on request.

Included are

Composer biographies
• Music history
• Instruments
• Theory, practice tips, composing ideas
• Beginner’s Corner
• Music Corner (featuring student compositions)

Colorful pictures, timelines, and maps capture students’ attention. At the end of each magazine is a quiz to test students’ comprehension of the material. Games, puzzles, riddles, and student contributions round out the magazine and keep things fun.

Additional Features: Check out our website for additional material. The student page includes links to music mentioned in the issue, additional quizzes, and other interesting information.

The October issue includes information about

  • Franz Schubert
  • Practice tips
  • Dynamics
  • Voice
  • E Major
  • Antonio Salieri

Please note that students will have assignments from each issue.

What Instrument Should You Learn to Play in 2015?


Picking which instrument to learn can be a challenge within itself which is exactly why we created this fun quiz!

Just answer 10 questions and we’ll recommend an instrument for you to learn. Happy New Year and Happy Playing!

Take the test here: What Instrument Should You Learn to Play in 2015 | JoyTunes.