Piano Explorer ~ October 2015



Each month, young students will receive a copy of Piano Explorer magazine.  It is available to adults, on request.

Included are

Composer biographies
• Music history
• Instruments
• Theory, practice tips, composing ideas
• Beginner’s Corner
• Music Corner (featuring student compositions)

Colorful pictures, timelines, and maps capture students’ attention. At the end of each magazine is a quiz to test students’ comprehension of the material. Games, puzzles, riddles, and student contributions round out the magazine and keep things fun.

Additional Features: Check out our website for additional material. The student page includes links to music mentioned in the issue, additional quizzes, and other interesting information.

The October issue includes information about

  • Franz Schubert
  • Practice tips
  • Dynamics
  • Voice
  • E Major
  • Antonio Salieri

Please note that students will have assignments from each issue.

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