Piano Maestro – Olympics



Good morning everyone!

Some of you asked for some Olympic themed music, and so the wonderful folks at JoyTunes have been hard at work to give us the 2016 Summer Olympics experience!

They now have over 15 National Anthems added to Piano Maestro (some with simplified versions also)! You’ll find them in the brand new National Anthems category and they can be accessed from the main menu (note, Summer Camp is now over).

The National Anthems from around the world will remain free for all for the duration of the Olympics.

Game on:)

London 2012 Olympics

The 62,000-strong audience claps politely when Simon Rattle and the London Symphony Orchestra strike up Vangelis’s Chariots of Fire theme – but their roar of approval when the cameras pan to an unexpected keyboard soloist is nothing short of heartwarming.

A global television audience of 1 billion+ also loved Rowan Atkinson’s side-splitting performance as Mr Bean, if the subsequent YouTube hits are anything to go by.