School Year Piano Lessons

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all having an enjoyable summer and that it has been filled with adventures and memory-making.

Wow! What a summer I have had so far! Aside from a ‘little bit’ of relaxing, I’ve also been doing some travel, reading, learning and planning, as I prepare for another exciting year of piano lessons.

A lot of information was given to you in June. I know it was a busy time for everyone so this email is to touch base with you about August Fall Start-Up in the hopes that it arrives when you have a moment to write some things on your calendar.

  1. When do lessons start? Set a reminder and mark your calendar: our fall term of lessons will begin on August 28 – no lessons the first week of school. However, Fairfax County has a holiday on Labor Day, September 4.  If you normally have Monday lessons and want a lesson that first week of September, there is some time available on Wednesday.  Please let me know.

    For ease of scheduling, I’m keeping the same days/lesson times as last year.  If you need to make a change, please let me know as soon as possible.
  2. What do your children need? Having your books and notebook ready for the first day of lessons will ensure an efficient start – so please remember to bring them!  A bit of review might be in order.  If you have an iPad, please bring that, too.
  3. Is your piano dusty? Summer is full of family fun and this might mean that your children may not have been practicing as much as they do during the school year. This is understandable.  I can promise, however, that your children will be even more excited about returning to lessons if they feel prepared and ready to learn. Setting up a practice schedule for the weeks leading up to the return of lessons is a great idea. Plan for at least 15 minutes of practice a day during the rest of the summer and, if possible, schedule it in the morning before the day’s activities begin.

In addition to the regular fun we have at the studio, I have been planning some new and exciting ways for your children to enjoy the piano and become even better musicians. Here are just a few things your children can look forward to:

  • New tween and teen piano games! Yes, even the older students in the studio will get off the bench for some hands-on, game-based learning
  • New music! I’ve been busy collecting a lot of repertoire during the summer months and am so excited to share the new music with your children this year.
  • Student Portal: This year I am requiring all students under 17 to log their practice time in our Student Portal.  If you’ve forgotten, there’s more info here.
  • The Music Experience: This is for any child from 3rd to 6th grade – they don’t need to be a student at the O’Connor Music Studio.

    The Music Experience is a weekly 45 minute session for third through sixth grade children. Children can perform, read, compose, and experience music, no prior music knowledge necessary.

    Cost is $25 for the first child and $15 for additional family members.  POC: Jane McKee and Mary O’Connor. (that’s me!)

    Miss Jane has a BME in Music Education and has taught music and directed choirs for all ages. She sings, rings bells, plays piano and flute, and plays autoharp in the Pender Praise Band.

    Miss Jane is presently a teacher for FCPS schools.  She is looking forward to meeting you in our Music Experience!

    Miss Mary has a BA in Music Education and has taught piano lessons for many years as well as directed handbell/chime choirs for children. She plays piano, sings, rings handbells, and plays in a recorder quartet. She has sung bass in a woman’s Barbershop Chorus.

    Miss Mary is currently a private piano teacher and she’s very excited to meet you in our Music Experience!

    Practice sessions will be held in the Pender choir room and sanctuary.

    Register your child here or use the QR code below:

I can’t wait to reconnect with you soon and I look forward to hearing about your summer fun.