It’s Never Too Late!

“I used to play piano, when I was a child,” Fitzgerald explained. “My mother liked it, because she could just say, ‘Go play piano!’ and I’d go off and play it by myself.”

Fitzgerald stopped playing when she was young, due to the large size of her family. None of her brothers or sisters were much interested in the instrument, and she began to feel uncomfortable about her hobby.

She explained that big families can’t afford everything, and that keeping an expensive object like a piano for just one person would have been selfish.

So Fitzgerald gave up her piano, grew up, and moved on. But she always remembered her love of the piano. And when she moved into the Cartmell Home, and found out about the lessons, she was hooked.

“I decided to give it a try,” she said, laughing, “I’ve already got one foot in the grave! When else will I get the chance to?”

Although Fitzgerald’s skill with the instrument has atrophied since she was younger, (she laughs while pointing out that her music practice book is designed for children) her innate talents are as sharp as ever.

“I’ve always had an ear for music” she explains, “I can play a tune just from hearing it.”

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