Vivaldi’s Spring ~ on Piano Maestro!



Vivaldi, one of the greatest baroque composers, has a very interesting story. He ran an orphanage in the 18th century in Italy that became famous all over the western world for its musically talented children. A lot of his pieces were written for specific children in his school. Vivaldi learned the violin from his father, and was trained as a priest. He was nicknamed “the red priest” for his red hair and was apparently somewhat sure of himself, having claimed once he can compose a concerto faster than it can be copied.

Vivaldi wrote over 500 pieces, most of which are lost today. He is considered one of the greatest musical landmarks in history, having inspired many composers that followed him, including J.S.Bach and others.

Other fun facts about Vivaldi can be found here.

Vivaldi’s Spring is available on Piano Maestro, which is available to my students free of charge.

Great Recovery!



Definitely one for lovers of schadenfreude, this documentary shows the moment that pianist Maria Joao Pires realized that the concerto she had prepared was not the same one as the orchestra had just started playing.

Skip to 0’43 to catch her moment of realization, followed by a remarkably subtle argument between pianist and conductor Riccardo Chailly, which Maria loses.

Don’t worry – of course she knows the new concerto (Mozart’s No.20 in D minor, K.466), and of course she executes it magnificently. She’s a pro.

If composers had Facebook: Bach’s profile

He’s the master of harmony and counterpoint, he could effortlessly compose an amazing concerto or cantata, but what if Johann Sebastian Bach was on social media?
To celebrate the 330th anniversary of the great composer’s birth, we’ve imagined what his Facebook page might have looked like.
So sit back and enjoy the Baroque master’s status updates and life events in full Instagram, wall-post and emoticon glory.

Click the image below to take a closer look.