A grand piano for a good cause

Piano 6


From Singapore: Classical music radio station Symphony 92.4FM is putting up a piano designed by Steinway & Sons for auction, and proceeds will go to the President’s Challenge 2015.

The President’s Challenge supports close to 100 charity organisations such as Boys’ Town, Cerebal Palsy Alliance Singapore, Lions Home for The Elders, and Guide Dogs Association of the Blind.

The Boston GP-163PE Grand Piano is valued at S$44,800, with a minimum bid of S$10,000. The silent auction will end on Sep 30 at 11.59pm.

Corporations are welcome to particpate, and the successful bidder can also choose to donate the piano to a beneficiary.

Visit www.toggle.sg/symphony924auction for more details and to take part.

Lee DeForest was Born Today in 1873

1873 ~ Lee DeForest, Inventor of the triode vacuum tube, possibly the most significant invention that made radio possible.

Lee DeForestLee DeForest was born in 1873 in Council Bluffs, Iowa. We’re sure his parents had big plans for him; but they could never have realized how their son, Lee, would change the world.

DeForest seemed to be a born inventor. He held patents for hundreds of different items including the photoelectric cell and the surgical radio knife. But none had as much impact on the world as his invention of the electron tube, specifically the triode, a three element vacuum tube, which later became the audion tube ~~ possibly the most significant invention that made radio possible.

Wireless radio broadcasting was unthinkable in the early 1900s and DeForest was considered a fraud. He was arrested for selling stock to underwrite the development of his invention, which no one believed would work. He was forced into selling the rights to his patent to American Telephone and Telegraph for $500,000; considered by most to be foolish of AT&T. The rest is history.

Lee DeForest’s 1950 autobiography is called “Father of Radio”.