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The piano market is booming in India. Experts in the music instrument retail business say that the piano market is expected to see further growth over the next decade says NERITA D’CRUZ.

The lobby of a popular luxury hotel in South Mumbai resonates to the sound of melodious piano music, post 7.00 pm every evening. A Steinway boudoir grand piano stands in the middle of the lobby adding a classy look to the place. The pianist plays popular tunes which instantly lights up the ambience of the hotel, while guests at the hotel sit back in the lobby a few minutes longer to enjoy the music. Afterall, the piano is a classy music instrument known for its soothing and relaxing sound.

The hype associated with the piano is such that dealers in the piano retail business say that there has been a huge growth in the piano market in India over the last decade. “Over the last ten years there has been 300 to 400 percent growth in the piano market. The market share for pianos is high and there is expected to be a healthy growth for the next ten years,” says Anthony Gomes, Partner at B.X Furtados and Sons, which operates music instrument retail stores across India.

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