Revolutionary new piano invented in Budapest

A revolutionary new piano created in Budapest by internationally acclaimed pianist Gergely Bogányi and his design team was unveiled at a press event on Jan. 20 at the Budapest Music Center and at a concert on Jan. 21 at Budapest’s historic Franz Liszt Academy.

At the press event, Bogányi performed classical selections by Bach and Debussy to show the piano’s power and lyrical capabilities; the renowned Grammy-nominated jazz pianist Gerald Clayton improvised limpid and soulful variations on Cole Porter’s “You’d Be So Nice to Come Home To,” which showed the new instrument’s vast kaleidoscope of colors and the satisfyingly muscular bass notes.

Does the world need a new piano?

Most emphatically yes, Bogányi says. “The piano was invented 300 years ago,” Bogányi told Today’s Zaman. “Although there have been modifications, there have been no major developments in piano construction in over 100 years. So I spoke to many of my colleagues about the kinds of [mechanical and physical] problems and limitations we all have to deal with, and all agreed that we needed solutions.”

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