Pender UMC Spring Concert 2023: Joy Ringers


On May 13, 2023  Brian Stevenson, Pender Music Director, produced our annual Spring Concert.

This wonderful evening included music by Heidi Jacobs, pianist,  the DC Harp Ensemble, the Pender Joy Ringers Handbell ensemble, Sean Wittmer, violinist, and an Irish music session.

The Joy Ringers played Streams of Life by Jason Krug and Fantastica  by Ron Mallory.

Streams of Life Review: This exciting original tune from the pen of Jason Krug is not to be missed! Featuring alternating measures of 4/4 and 3/4, the joyful, memorable melody moves throughout the ensemble. Frequent interludes take the piece off in different directions before coming back to the melody once more. A slower, introspective middle section gives a respite before the driving feeling returns once more to close the piece out in explosive, festive fashion!

Fantastica Review: Inspired by the scores to epic fantasy films, this original composition will take your listeners on a journey into their own imaginations while keeping your ringers engaged with its intertwining melodies and multiple handbell techniques.

Donations received went to  the REACH International foundation in support of two Sri Lankan orphanages.


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