‘Lion King’ And ‘Aladdin’ Broadway Casts have Sing-Off

Now this is one flight delay we actually wish we were stuck in.

A video uploaded to YouTube captures every theater geek’s dream-come-true: a sing-off between Broadway cast members of  “The Lion King” and “Aladdin.” Though it took place during a six-hour weather delay at LaGuardia Airport in New York City, the singing turned what could’ve been a dreary scene into an incredible one.

Watch as “The Lion King” cast starts off belting the iconic “Circle of Life,” but at the 3:06 mark, the camera cuts to the “Aladdin” cast fighting back, as James Inglehart, who plays the Genie, gives a seriously impressive freestyle rap. The battle continues and later on, at the 6:40 mark, the Aladdin cast performs a fantastic “Arabian Nights.”

For those who witnessed the sing-off, that awesome performance may have been more memorable than their trip.

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