Put Mozart on the Map



Show your support for revitalizing music education!
Join the 1st worldwide virtual recital celebrating Mozart’s birthday on January 27th.

“Putting Mozart on the Map” marks the 1st event in a new global campaign to inspire and engage music students by coupling classical music with today’s technology, and honoring Mozart in a way that’s never been done before.

Every musician – concert pianist or 2nd-grader – playing a score on the Wolfie app on January 27th will automatically appear on an interactive world map at, www.wolfiepiano.com. Invite your friends, teachers, and music students!

1. Click “Join” at the top of this page.
2. Download the Wolfie app for free (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/wolfie-for-piano/id868060859?mt=8).
3. On January 27th play any score on the Wolfie app and automatically appear on the map atwww.wolfiepiano.com. See musicians worldwide playing with you!
5. Share your piece and invite friends and students to join the celebration!

What’s Wolfie?
Wolfie is the premier music education platform for teachers and students worldwide. The Wolfie for piano app is powered by a magic cursor that listens as you play, keeping track of your tempo, time, errors and more, and turns the pages at exactly the right moment. With its catalog of thousands of songs, Wolfie allows teachers and students to easily share annotations, record and review performances, and hear scores at different paces – with no need for carrying around sheet music.

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